2022 Mondraker Bikes Arrive

2022 Mondraker Bikes Arrive

 2022 Mondraker Electric Bikes Arrive

November sees the first of the 2022 Mondraker electric bikes arrive at Electric Bike Supermarket

The first shipment of Mondraker range have arrived and from first glance they are looking really impressive. Built near Alicante in Spain Mondraker produce some really eye catching bikes.

Mondraker bikes have their own personality, and are some of the lightest on the market. What’s more they couldn’t work any better thanks to our leading technologies such as the ZERO suspension system, the FORWARD geometry design premise and the MIND telemetry system, which this year has been implemented on more models throughout the range.
The 2022 Range

The Chaser  and the Crafty are designed for people who want an enduro electric bike with unbounded possibilities. The former is ideal for riders looking for an e-bike to free up even greater range than was ever before available.

The Prime and Prime X are trail and urban-off road electric bikes. Comfortable, effective and very manageable, they’re aimed at all of us who want to enjoy the countryside at our own pace, exploring and enjoying the natural environment that surrounds us, relaxed. 

Kids bikes, Mondraker has some of the best range of children's bikes on the market bar none. That’s because we take all the knowledge and experience gained from making bikes for adults and we transfer it to the bikes we make for our little ones. F-Play 24" and the F-Play 26" bikes are lightweight and specifically adapted to their needs because we want our kids to enjoy themselves.

For the 2022 season, we are going to be offering more Mondraker bikes than ever before. We’ll be adding to the range over the coming weeks as stock arrive, so... stay tuned!