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Why do we operate by appointment?

Buying an electric bike is not a decision to be taken lightly, we appreciate it is also a considerable investment so you will want to make sure you make the right decision.

With this in mind we have always taken the decision for customers to receive a private appointment where we dedicate all of our attention on you. Similar to purchasing a car we feel that it is important to find out exactly what requirements you have and exactly what you are looking to use an electric bike for.

This way we can offer you the time to make sure the very best bike is selected, based on your needs.

We have taken the time to select the right bike manufacturers to work with and this doesn't just mean they sell great bikes it also means that the staff who we deal with at the manufacturers are great to work too. All of the brands we deal with are also willing to help us help you find the right bike.

You will find your experience will be completely different to most retailers, instead you can grab a coffee, talk through the options and even weather permitting we could both take a bike for a ride.

As with cars, typically you don't walk in and buy the car you have just taken for a test drive you normally will chat about when the car is available. This is the case with electric bikes whilst we try to keep as much stock in as possible, generally we would be in touch directly with the manufacturers to find out if your bike is in stock or in production, worse case scenario we would find out a date when it is being built.

By allocating the time accordingly and having a good stock holding, we can offer you a walk-in-ride-out service!

To book an appointment simply contact us using the request form on the website, via email, telephone or even WhatsApp.

As expressed above, we strictly operate by appointment only. So it's important that we allocate the time to those accordingly. Same day appointments are available, by just turning up, we will not be able to drop the time to those already booked in.

If required we are even able to bring a bike to you, we have a dedicated van that will transport the bike to your door so you can make sure it is exactly what you want. 

Feel free to contact us about "bring the bike to your door" service.  

Where To Find Us:

Electric Bike Supermarket Ltd
Highland Cottage
Padeswood Road South
Tel: 01244 544711
Mob/What's App: 07769703511

 (Viewing Strictly By Appointment)