A brief overview of some of the Electric E-Bikes available from KTM

Electric Bike Supermarket is very proud to be appointed the KTM E-Bike Dealer for North Wales, here is a little bit of an overview of the KTM E-Bike range.

KTM E-Bikes has a long history in the bike industry, its earliest creations having emerged from its Austrian factory as far back as 1964. Today KTM produces a huge range of bikes, as you would expect from a major bike manufacturer.

In 2010 KTM E-Bikes became the first company to conceptualise and produce an electric mountain bike, the Bionix system e-Race, which laid down an early marker in an area of the bicycle market that is now flourishing. KTM’s electric bike range is now a big part of the company’s portfolio, and today covers over 65 different models – a fact KTM is very proud of.

KTM now produce over 70 different E-Bike models which cover a wide range from their flag-ship full suspension MTB the KTM Macina Prowler Exonic, the popular hardtail MTB the KTM Macina Ride which comes in 27" and 29" wheels.

KTM don't limit their range to MTB's they produce some great quality leisure and trekking bikes such as the KTM Macina Sprint which comes in a Man's frame and a unisex trapeze frame. If you are looking for a step through frame though then the Macina Aera or Macina City are the best sellers in these bikes which often come in a cool matt black finish.

Children are an important part of the KTM family as they often become riders of the brands motocross bikes, with this in mind KTM produced the KTM Macina Mini Me which comes in the famous orange & black 241 model or the 261 model in black & orange colours.

Lastly there is even a cool electric bike that folds - the KTM Macina Fold which is a 20" unisex folding frame this is great for commuting or take it with you in the motorhome.

To view more of the KTM E-Bike range please visit: https://electricbikesupermarket.co.uk/collections/ktm-e-bikes